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Experienced Academic Staff

MAHSA College Sabah’s academic staff are highly experienced professionals within their respective fields and expertise. Students benefit from learning both the theoretical aspects as well as practical skills from their experienced lecturers.


Sabah is well known for its multicultural background, comprising a total of 42 ethnic groups and over 200 sub-ethnic groups. Students are enriched by this experience in making friends from different backgrounds as we embrace and celebrate our uniqueness.

Quality On-Campus Services

MAHSA College Sabah offers students extensive on-campus support, to ensure seamless support between all our departments. There is a qualified Youth Counsellor and Student Affairs staff to support students out of class.

Excellent Facilities

Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Laboratories, Skill Rooms and Computer Lab are equipped with efficient facilities for teaching and learning. The Library, Student Lounge, and Study Areas have a conducive and comfortable learning environment for students.

Student Accommodation

Affordable accommodation is available very near to the campus. A reliable 24 hours security and assigned warden ensure the safety of the students. Shuttle buses are available every day to send students to and from campus.

Individual Consultation

Every student is assigned to a mentor. The mentor provides guidance to the students on academic advice and supports them in their journey towards their chosen careers.

Industrial Driven Programmes

The programmes offered in MAHSA College Sabah are specifically designed in consultation with industry partners to ensure graduates are at the highest level of quality and relevant to the industry needs.

Ideal Location

MAHSA College Sabah is located in 1Borneo Hypermall, which is the largest shopping complex in East Malaysia. Among the advantages of having the campus here are the various food outlets, spacious parking lots, nearby hotels for accommodation, supermarkets, and many more. The Kota Kinabalu city center is within 10 minutes drive and the campus is only 20 minutes away from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Local transportation such as public buses and taxis are available around the clock. Students are also able to use the app based rides of UBER and GRAB.

Affordable Fees

All our programmes are very affordable and students are eligible for PTPTN loan.

Vibrant Student Activities

Our student affairs department strives in making sure that campus life is fulfilling and enriched. This is achieved with various extracurricular activities such as sports, events organized by various departments in MCSC and collaborations with external parties, students council, student clubs and other activities.