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Career Advice


This is not the end of your journey with us. We are here to help you maintain a lifelong connection with us and with each other, sharing experiences and enjoying networking and volunteering opportunities.

Career Advice

Exploring your career options and making career decisions is a process that involves self-reflection, gathering career information and making choices based on your particular circumstances and needs. It is a pro-active process of gaining experiences, building skills, learning and discovering interests. It is also an interpersonal process of learning from people and building relationship.

Alumni Feedback

  • Sharon Anak Tero | Intake : 02/2015
  • Boyder Filmer Boyd | Intake : 02/2015
  • Seloranne Kalius | Intake : 01/2016
  • Raline Dayang Daniel @ Charles | Intake : September 2014 / Batch 01
  • Azie Norfaezah Binti Abdul Said | Intake : 04/2013
  • Praisly Bin Antonius | Intake : 11/2011 (Batch 3)

Sharon Anak Tero

Intake : 02/2015

Address of Current Job: Chan Furniture (M) Sdn Bhd, No.26, Karamunsing Warehouse, Jalan Karamunsing, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Comment: Studying Diploma in Entrepreneurship at MAHSA College Sabah Campus has helped me to deliver my knowledge and skills most fruitfully. During my two years of study at MAHSA College, I did not find it hard to adapt to the surrounding environment there because of the tremendous and continuous support from the staffs, lecturers and friends that I met at MAHSA College. The best part about studying at MAHSA College is that it is a private institution that provides good facilities and offers a conducive learning environment for the students. The two years spent at MAHSA College is amazing. Overall, MAHSA College is a good place for students to continue their studies as it helps students to develop their skills professionally.

Boyder Filmer Boyd

Intake : 02/2015

Current Job: Veterinary Technician

Address of Current Job: Yeoh Veterinary Clinic And Surgery,SS24 Taman Megah Petaling Jaya

Comment: If you Fail once or even Twice or more, Don’t give up because we are not born To Fail. Fast or slow everyone has their own Time Lap.

Seloranne Kalius

Intake : 01/2016

Current Job: General Cashier/ Finance

Address of Current Job: Mercure Hotel, 41 Jln Gaya, 8800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Comment: Thanks to MCS I finish my diploma here with good pointer, and now currently working right after I finish my Industrial training. Its's very comfortable to study and I love all the lectures there especially Madam Hasmidah that always encourage me to study hard.

Raline Dayang Daniel @ Charles

Intake : September 2014 / Batch 01

Current Job: Sipitang Express Sdn Bhd

Address of Current Job: Lot 70, Lok Kawi Light Industrial Estate Phase 2 KM19, Jalan Penampang-Papar Lama 88200 Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Comment: Sepanjang 2 tahun saya menyambung pengajian di sebuah kolej, iaitu Kolej MAHSA. Disana saya dapat pelajari tentang bidang yang saya gemari(Business Administration). Setelah selesai pengajian selama 2 tahun, saya mendapat tawaran pekerjaan di sektor swasta sebuah syarikat iaitu Sipitang Express Sdn Bhd. Saya sebagai bekas pelajar Kolej MAHSA ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak kolej, kerana memberi ruang & waktu untuk pelajar menimba ilmu pengetahuan.Saya tidak lupa juga untuk berterima kasih kepada pihak syarikat ini kerana menawarkan pekerjaan untuk saya sebagai Clerk Admin.

Azie Norfaezah Binti Abdul Said

Intake : 04/2013

Current Job: Radiographer

Address of Current Job: KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital

Comment: I am happy and glad that i had the opportunity to study Diploma in Medical Imaging at MAHSA college Sabah campus, there have quality of the programme, the lecture and staff as well as the host families and guide me till the end of study. And i really enjoyed my time at the college every time when do the assignment, because there have good facilities and conducive environment at college, and for me far from my home there have a good hostel and safe to stay for the student. The 3 years spent at MAHSA college and is a good memory for me, overall is good choice to continue your study there will guide you till the end.

Praisly Bin Antonius

Intake : 11/2011 (Batch 3)

Current Job: Inspektor Kesihatan (PPKP U29)

Address of Current Job: Majlis Daerah Lahad Datu

Comment: MAHSA COLLEGE memberi peluang pekerjaan bukan sahaja di KKM tapi KKTP juga ada peluang pekerjaan. TQ MAHSA College Sabah!