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Students need support during their transition to a college life. Sometimes, this transition may prove too overwhelming as students are faced with new friends, new lecturers and a whole new culture of learning. At MAHSA College Sabah, we recognize these challenges and we are here to assist you.


Our one-week orientation programme allows you to be acquainted with your seniors and be introduced to the Principal and the top leadership of the college. Filled with fun activities and presentations by heads of departments, the orientation programme is an exciting way to kick-start your journey with MAHSA College Sabah.


A structured process of personal guidance through the mentor is facilitated by your Faculty. Your mentor will facilitate your development as an independent learner. This process also promotes accountability for learning and develops self-reflection as you become a lifelong learner. Your mentor will be able to provide advice, counseling and other mentorship and support in relation to academic matters. She / He will be the first contact person if you have any problems affecting academic work.

Study Group

Studying with peers is perhaps one of the most effective ways to learn and process course material and concepts. We empower students to maximize their personal, academic, and career potential. We provide diverse programs, resources, and expertise in a supportive student-centered environment to facilitate student success. Your mentor will help you in matching you to a study group on academic subjects. During the sessions you can ask questions, work out problems and seek advice from tutors and other students.